About Janet Verney

Janet E. Verney CHC, founder of ROOTS2Wellness, co-founder of foodgevity

As The Wellness Designer, Janet specializes in interior “health” makeovers.  In her book, ROOTS2Wellness, she shares her inspiring journey from the depths of dis-ease to a life of vibrant wellness. Janet practices Collective Medicine utilizing her methodology “Unearth, Weed, Nourish, Bloom” to transform one life at a time.  She believes in the magic of miracles, the good in others, the power of action, and in the healing power of love, lifestyle, & good food. 

Janet is certified by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and has served in various leadership roles in both education and biotechnology.  She is an author, speaker, chef, certified integrative health coach, founder of ROOTS2Wellness and co-founder of foodGEVITY, the exciting online program that is igniting a Women’s Health Revolution across the globe.


Janet's Philosophy

"I believe there is a garden in every woman… waiting to bloom.  As The Wellness Designer, I mentor you in navigating your ROUTE to creating a vibrant life.  Together, we unearth the ROOT cause of dis-ease, we weed out obstacles that stand in the way of healing, and we design a landscape to fully nourish your ROUTE to a beautiful bloom.

For dis-ease to set in there is an underlying imbalance in the body.  It is important to get to the bottom of why the body became out of balance and address this at its ROOT cause.  We dig deep and look at where things went wrong so we can make peace with whatever the issue may be.

We look at the obstacles that stand in your way of healing and work to dissolve them so true healing can begin.  By removing these obstacles we have enriched and cultivated the soil from which to grow and heal.

This is where the fun begins!  We design an incredible landscape for a vibrant bloom by nourishing yourself at your ROOTS. This strengthens your core for an incredible bloom.  I like to use the term Collective Medicine – through the years I have gathered many healing tools that I share with you to support your healing: living in positivity, feeding the body good food & nutrition, practicing self-care, keeping the body moving, connecting with spirit, and engaging in various forms of healing modalities. 

You are uniquely beautiful and made up of your own magic potion. Your Wellness Design program and Workshops & Gatherings tap into that special blend of what works for you at your unique core, creating that special, exotic bloom of vibrant health! "

In Wellness,