Food Sensitivity?


Sometimes those little annoying symptoms can be food related! 


I have great appreciation for this Hippocrates quote: "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be they food", but food can also make us sick!  I am not talking about just the apparent, unhealthy "junk" foods regularly consumed by many, but also seemingly healthy foods.  If you are eating a healthy diet and still have some annoying little symptoms like mild fatigue, excess congestion, or mild digestive issues, then it could be that one or more of the foods you consume each day is one that you have developed a sensitivity to.  It can often be what you are most attracted too and eat on a regular basis. 

I have been dealing with this personally and as my doc says (he doesn't know anyone who takes their health more seriously than I do).  I pretty much have eliminated most of the well known foods that can trigger inflammation, like gluten, sugar, eggs, dairy, and even most grains and yet I am still getting some congestion.  Being the food detective that I am, I looked at what foods I had the day before my symptoms were at there worst.  One of the triggers seems to be pure maple syrup... I know, of all the things...  I am a true New England girl and this has always been my favorite go-to-sweetener.  the congestion also seems to increase with a glass of wine, or with gluten free flour mixes.  As I pieced this puzzle together, it hit me that I may have a sensitivity to sulfites, which is not uncommon, especially for folks who eat lots of pre-packaged foods, but here I am eating a clean, whole food diet... so, I discovered that there is a short list of natural foods, including some veggies and fruits that have a natural level of sulfites, pure maple syrup being one of them! 

This is why I stress to everyone - it is all about BIO-Individuality - what works for me, may not work for you!  When you eat a clean diet your body will begin to tell you what it likes and does not like.  Truly listen to what your body is telling you.  It is a super smart, sophisticated bio-computer and it knows the software that will make it run with the utmost efficiency.  At a recent lecture I attended, the speaker said we don't just wake-up one day with cancer, heart disease, diabetes, etc... , it happens, it builds over time, but we stopped listening to all those little signs along the way and then BAM, we get hit loud and clear with a life-threatening disease! 

Even if you are predisposed to a certain disease, you can indeed change the "attitude of your genes" and live a vibrant, healthy life! 

Janet Verney