Ditch the Bras Ladies!


Let’s talk Breast Wellness….

Ok, so I’m talking an alternative to the traditional bras on the market.  You know, the ones with the synthetic materials and the incredibly uncomfortable underwire?  There are several studies and yes, some controversy about these sexy little things being a trigger for breast cancer.  Now, I am not a scientist, but I have read enough to make me think twice about wearing these buggers. 

So what’s wrong with these pretty little things we strap on each day?  Well, to begin with, the underwire can constrict the blood vessels that are there to flush toxins from the breast tissue, essentially suppressing the lymphatic system from doing its job.   Many women experience cysts in this area, under the breast, which can lead to cancer.   In addition to the underwire, the synthetic material can be problematic.  This material does not breathe and can heat up the breast tissue.  This material is often treated with chemicals that our very porous skin absorbs, soaking up all this not-so-nice, toxic stuff… Yuck!   

Let’s talk alternatives.   There are more and more cute (maybe not so sexy) organic cotton bras coming on the market.   I happen to love Blue Canoe – so comfortable!  When I take it off at the end of the day there are no lines or red marks on my skin.   Lots of options online – just search organic cotton bras and be sure to find ones without the underwire.  Another wonderful option are cami’s and tanks if you can get away with it…  My fav is Bgreen Apparel:  http://www.bgreenapparel.com/women/camis-and-tanks.html  .  They also have a simple bra as well. 

Other ways to support breast wellness is a healthy diet, mostly plant based.  If recovering from cancer, I encourage avoiding fruits and any other forms of sugar until fully healed.  Also consider your deodorant – stay away from products that contain parabens and chemicals in the common antiperspirants.  It is healthy to sweat!  Here in West Hartford CT there is a woman, Ada Rios, who is making a very nice alternative deodorant product that appears to have safe ingredients.   I use it daily and don’t get stinkyJ   

The other products to consider are skin care lotions that we smear over the largest organ of our body.  My go to moisturizer is a jar of organic coconut oil, which you can find in some stores, like Aldi’s for under $5.  It lasts me about three months.  I keep it in my shower and before I dry off, I smooth this wonderful-smelling-ingredient-food-based-product all over my skin and then pat dry.  Even through the winter months my skin feels baby soft. 

For more information, check out the book Killer Clothes, by Anna Maria Clement and Brian Clement. 

Let’s start a revolution ladies and kick off a new campaign called BREAST WELLNESS! 

With Love, In Wellness,


Janet Verney