ORGANIC, a cleaner way to eat!


So you ask, “what’s up with all this organic stuff, it costs more and is there really a benefit?”  Word has it, meaning lots of studies show, that yes, eating organic food is a huge benefit to your health!  

r2w veggies in jar.jpg

Everyone knows that eating a rainbow of colors, meaning more fruits and veggies (NOT colored candy) is better for your health, but if you increase the volume of these critical foods into your diet, consuming “conventional” produce, then you are also consuming a great deal of synthetic pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, and fertilizers!  Simply imagine over time what this can do to your health… For a list of the dirty dozen, check out the Environmental Working Group website.

So, let’s get to the meat, or should I say the produce of this subject.  Eating organic produce means better nutrition.  The soil used on organic farms is filled with beneficial minerals unharmed by all the synthetic chemical’s used on conventionally grown produce.  Minerals are critical to good health!  They support a healthy immune system, keep our bodies in balance, and reduce inflammation.   

Eating local, fresh, organically sourced fruits and vegetables, along with minimally prepared foods is one the single best things you can do for your health!  The abundance of chlorophyll and phytonutrients in organic produce is key to fighting disease and living in vibrant health. 

Organic may cost a wee bit more, but tell me, what are you and your family worth?  What would you pay to prevent, or recover your health?  It’s worth every penny in my book!  At the new James Farmacy Organic Café & Juice Bar in Old Saybrook, CT, we seek to provide the community with these clean, all natural, organically sourced, healthy-eating options!

Janet Verney