Are You Feeling The Love?


Happy February Friends!

So, what are you doing to show yourself a little LOVE?

Loving Yourself to Health includes...

  • Keep your neurotransmitters fired-up - don't underestimate the power of positive thinking!
  • Reboot your battery - schedule time for self-care, daily, weekly, monthly! There is only one you.
  • Fill your fuel tank - What you put in your mouth makes a huge difference in your health. Love yourself enough to make the right choices!
  • Grab some time with friends - surround yourself with folks that believe in you, who bring you up, who celebrate you as the loving person you are.

This is the foundation of my signature workshop, Loving Yourself to Health. Get a dose of Vit L = LOVE and watch the magic happen!  I would love to bring this to an organization you're involved with, or your company for a lunch & learn.  Keep me in mind through your busy day!  You can reach me at

If you are in need of a LOVING transformation, check out my new online program for an inside out makeover - Check out the foodGEVITY Facebook page and grab one of the incredible coupon codes for a discounted enrollment fee! 

In Wellness, With Love,

Janet Verney