Be Your Own Health Advocate!

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There are many awesome doctors out there, but they are human, they make mistakes, and they don’t have all the answers. 

You know you found a good one when they serve as your partner in health. They listen, they are open, they help you explore options, they dig deep to get to the root-cause, and best of all, they practice the “care” part of healthcare! 

There are many types of practitioners out there and in addition to their specific training & education, each one comes with their own unique experiences and personality. Find the ones that are right for you. 

I have my MD, my ND, my pulmonologist, my acupuncturist, my massage therapist, and of course my GYN.  This is my “village”, my team that supports my health. What they each have in common is a high intellect, compassion & kindness, and an openness to my thoughts and ideas. 

Find your village, be your voice, and stand up for your health! 

Janet Verney