Start living your life. Start loving your life!

Janet Verney, CHC

As The Wellness Designer, Janet specializes in interior “health” makeovers.  In her book, ROOTS2Wellness, she shares her inspiring journey from the depths of dis-ease to a life of vibrant wellness. Janet practices Collective Medicine utilizing her methodology “Unearth, Weed, Nourish, Bloom” to transform one life at a time.  She believes in the magic of miracles, the good in others, the power of action, and in the healing power of love, lifestyle, & good food. 

Janet is certified by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and has served in various leadership roles in both education and biotechnology.  She is an author, speaker, chef, certified integrative health coach, founder of ROOTS2Wellness and co-founder of foodGEVITY, the exciting online women's program that is igniting a Women’s Health Revolution across the globe.

“Your greatest strength is love.”