Janet's Resources:

Hippocrates Health Institute

In 2013 I attended the Hippocrates Health Institute’s (HHI), Life Transformation Program.  This was truly a life changing event for me.  Although I had been on a wonderful healing path, I was still dependent on machines and meds to clear my lungs.  I‘m pleased to say that post this amazing program I am off all machines and meds!  

HHI’s 52 acre campus is breathtaking!  There are many different buildings, each serving a different need.  All of which are surrounded by nature, with winding trails and delightful artistic surprises at every turn.  My favorite spot on campus are the pools – they have a lap pool, a hot tub, a polar (cold) tub, and a mineral pool.  In the early morning I would go from one to the other and would end in the mineral pool, laying on my back watching the sky go from dark to the soft morning light.  Best of all, none of their pools are treated with harsh chemicals!  In addition to the pools, the Oasis Therapy Center was something I looked forward to each day – so many wonderful treatments for healing!  

I learned so much about living foods, growing sprouts, and preparing raw foods.  The educational programs are so informative and they provide many handouts.  I took a recorder with me so I can listen to the lectures again and again. 

I think the best part of HHI is the people!  The staff, from the directors to the folks that keep the grounds looking beautiful, are all warm, friendly, helpful, and genuinely caring.  I felt so at home there that when it was time to go home I actually cried!  In addition to the staff at HHI, the people who are there to heal come from all over the world and with varying diseases, though many had some form of cancer.  I met so many alumni who said HHI saved their life – Brian, Director of HHI, would tell you, only you can save your life, we are just there to help.  

I am thrilled to be an ambassador for HHI and support others in their journey to healing.  If you would like to learn more about HHI, you can visit their website: hippocratesinst.org  If you would like to hear more about my personal experience with HHI, or about how to register for their Life Transformation Program, contact me via email: connect@roots2wellness.com.


Institute for Integrative Nutrition®

In 2012, I graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition® (IIN).  This incredible online program not only provided extensive information about nutrition and the many dietary plans available today, it covered the ROOTS to living in wellness! They dive into the importance of good relationships, spirituality, and the work we do every day and how these things play a key role in our health and well-being.  In addition, the IIN program went well beyond my expectations and provided an array of support for getting my business off the ground.  They offered advice, guidance, and many business tools, which allowed me to create my new company. 

When I chose to enroll in IIN, it was to learn more about nutrition, to benefit my own personal healing journey – little did I know it would turn into the work that has become my passion, my mission in life!  If you have ever considered health/life coaching, then this is the best place to start!  click to learn more