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Start living your life. Start loving your life!

Janet E. Verney

Author, Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach & Wellness Designer 

As The Wellness Designer, Janet specializes in interior “health” makeovers.  In her book, ROOTS2Wellness, she shares her inspiring journey from the depths of dis-ease to a life of vibrant wellness. Janet practices Integrative Medicine utilizing her methodology “Unearth, Weed, Nourish, Bloom” to transform one life at a time.  She believes in the magic of miracles, the good in others, the power of action, and in the healing power of love, lifestyle, & good food. 

Janet is certified by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and has served in various leadership roles in both education and biotechnology.  She is an author, speaker, chef, certified integrative nutrition health coach, IIN Moderator for the Advanced Gut Health Course and founder of ROOTS2Wellness.

“Your greatest strength is love.”
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Loving Yourself to Health Program

This program is for the woman who walks in the many shoes of life – at work, with family, amongst friends, and in community activities & organizations.  The demands on your time can be utterly draining and often result in exhaustion and sometimes illness.  Do you find you get so busy being of service to others you neglect yourself, putting your own self-love last?

A mega dose of vitamin L (love) is just what you need.  Join me for “Loving Yourself to Health”, and feel the love in this four-part program:

Keep Your Neurotransmitters Fired-Up ~ The Power of Positive Thinking

Reboot Your Battery  ~ Self-Care at its Best

Fill Your Fuel Tank ~ Nutrient Rich Foods

Grab Some Girl Time ~ The Power of Support

I’m looking forward to celebrating you as the lovely, loving being you are!

If you would like to bring this signature workshop into your workplace, organization, or into your home to do with friends, contact Janet at to discuss the details.


Upcoming Events with Janet

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