Roots2Wellness Book

For thirty years, she suffered from a painful and unidentifiable chronic disease. But for Janet E. Verney, this mysterious illness served as a call to action—a wake-up call that would send her on a life-changing journey to a place of health and healing. Through this commitment to living in wellness, Janet discovered one very important truth: healing only begins when you treat the “ROOT” cause of your disease.

So, let go of that negative chatter in your mind, and get started on changing the course of your life forever. From altering thought patterns to choosing the correct foods, ROOTS2Wellness delivers many routes to healing, digging to the places deep inside where wellness begins. 

Whether you’re overwhelmed by feelings of fear or caught in a downward spiral of poor health, this inspirational read contains everything you need to begin taking action—and to enjoy the bloom of vibrant health that can only come from nourishing your roots.


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“We are all on a journey called life. Having guides and coaches can make the trip much easier. Janet's experience makes her a native who can guide and coach us through the difficult situations which life presents us all with. So read on and put together your wellness program."
Bernie Siegel, MD and Author of The Art of Healing and A Book of Miracles

“Janet Verney, when faced with a chronic, mysterious medical (lung) condition, which could have forced many people from leading a full and active life, bravely fought back. She pursued its diagnosis, all the way to the National Institutes of Health, and she taught herself about non-medical interventions, including nutrition, and complementary and alternative approaches, which have aided her in leading a normal life. She shares this learning with readers in her honest and thoughtful book.” 
Dr. Mary Jane Minkin, Clinical Professor, Yale Medical School and Author of  A Woman's Guide to Menopause and Perimenopause, and A Woman's Guide to Sexual Health

“Janet Verney's story is an inspiration to others to 'walk the walk' that she has walked and talked about so well. This book is a valuable resource for those who live with chronic illnesses who are seeking a path to health.”
Kathleen C. Laundy, PsyD, LMFT, Family Psychologist and author of Building School-Based Collaborative Mental Health Teams: A Systems Approach to Student Achievement

“Janet Verney suffered with a debilitating undiagnosed disease that led her down a path of frustration and sadness. It wasn't until she dug deep into her life to discover the root cause, that she could begin the process of healing. If you are lost and needing support, follow Janet's guidance and let her lead the way toward helping you on your own journey to health and wellness.”
Andrea Beaman, HHC/Chef

“Regardless of the number of our years, taking care of our health and well-being is essential. While I know this and want to do it, I have often thought the path to achieve healing and health a complicated subject. In her important book, Janet maps out an insightful road map to mind/body well-being. With her guidance, I feel prepared to take on more responsibility for achieving mine."
Carmen Lund, Artist and Creativity Coach

“I love the tree metaphor in which Janet shares unearthing her past in order to find peace, love and acceptance.  She plants the idea that one can change their biology by changing one’s thoughts.  She heals herself by sending forgiveness, love and gratitude to the root of her illness.  This is a remarkable account of perseverance and discovery, which leads to the reclamation of health.”
Dr. Jackie Campisi, Hippocrates Health Institute Graduate; healing stage 4 metastatic cancer holistically

What People are Saying...

"This was a very well written book. I am sure many people experience the terrible frustration of being wrongly diagnosed by some of these so called "Specialists" suggesting they remove part of a healthy lung is scary. So glad the author refused. Delighted she found this cure and lifestyle."    

- Peter Hanley  (amazon book review)

"Janet Verney’s book, Roots2Wellness, proves what anyone can accomplish through perseverance and research. Her book helps makes it possible for those with chronic health conditions as well as those who don’t suffer with them, to move towards a more healthful life. For anyone just starting on this journey, the book is well organized and easy to understand; with the references that are included, it takes those with experience in following a healthful regime to another level. It is a beautifully illustrated book, making the experience of reading it even more worthwhile. Since finishing the book, I find myself continually referring to it. I look forward to Janet’s next book."  

- Linda Maynard  (amazon book review)

"I can't talk about this book enough, I was first drawn to the book by the amazing cover, but once inside I loved how the chapters were organised for the reader, so helpful to navigate from start to finish. My favorite chapter was Weed out your Obstacles, it resonated with me the most, because I spend a number of years "not weeding or removing things that were blocking me in my path and direction that I wanted to go in". Looking at the words the author wrote right there, and seeing what I needed to do to bloom was so helpful.

- L. Fogarty  (amazon book review)  


Janet Verney tells her amazing and inspiring story in this well-written, easy to read book. She addresses the connection between physical well-being and spiritual well-being with practical examples and solutions that are backed up by research to which she cites. I recommend this book. I enjoyed it and benefitted from it.

- Jim E.  (amazon book review)


Very well organized book and easy to understand as well as beautifully illustrated (love the cover) With chronic health conditions pushing to move towards a healthy life is just so moving. Understanding we have to listen to our own body was huge for me as I face the same issue. Looking forward to her next book!

- Amazon Customer  (amazon book review)