Workshops & Gatherings

Workshops & Gatherings offer an opportunity to work with others, in person, either in a public setting, or in your home with friends. These programs are planned according to something specific you would like to work on and share with others.  If you would like to invite Janet into your workplace, organization, or into your home to gather with friends, please send requests to

Topics may include:

A Healthy Gut

Loving Yourself to Health

Setting Your Kitchen Up for Success

Choose Better Beverages

Get Your Daily Dose of Greens

Put Some Color on Your Plate

Discover the Power of Plant-Based Proteins

Explore the World of Nuts, Seeds & Legumes

Choose the Best Grains

Learn Which Fats are Your Friend



Get More Daily Nutrients with Superfoods

Create Healthier Sweets

Transform those Negative Thoughts

Show Yourself Some Love & Step into Self-Care

Living a Whole Food, Living & Raw Food Life

Others on request