My 12 Tips to Feeling Better From The Crud!


How are you holding up during this busy holiday season?  Tis the season not only for family & friends, mixed with a little merriment, but also for sharing the not so fun colds & other nasty bugs.... 

I see so many friends posting that they are stuck with a nasty cough or cold.  There is lots that can be done, but when going a more natural route you have to hit it hard from all angles.  Below are some of my cold-proof remedies for prevention and for recovery from the crud.  As always, consult your doc before trying something new, especially if you take any prescription meds.  

When you first feel the crud creeping in or it hits you overnight and BOOM you’re down for the count, this is what I do:

1.    Take a hot Epsom salt bath (1-2 cups) with a few dashes of eucalyptus oil.  If you have On Guard by doterra, even better.  Soak as long as you can, then wrap in towels and sweat it out! 

2.    Rotate taking zinc and Vit C, at least two hours apart.

3.    Other terrific supplements to support are Vital Nutrient’s Herbal Biotic & Immune Support.  The Immune Support is also great for preventing catching what’s going around! 

4.    NAC = N Acetylcysteine.  This is another great way to support your immune system and incredible for clearing congestion.  For my lungs I sometimes take up to six a day when super congested.  You can order NAC online.  My favorite brand is also Vital Nutrients. 

5.    If you are not taking D-3, you should consider a min dose (2,000 iu) and then get some blood work done to check your levels – you may need more. 

6.    The basics of getting plenty of rest and staying well hydrated goes a long way to preventing and recovering from illness.

7.    Herbal teas, like Throat Comfort, with a little raw honey is wonderful for soothing that irritated throat. 

8.    My favorite cough liquids are Wise Woman Herbal CE-II and Olbas Cough Syrup.

9.    Another great defense for infections is Kyolic (organic garlic extract).  I get the Immune formula 103. 

10.  For the aches and pains of the crud I like Willow Bark, which has salicin as the main ingredient.  It acts like aspirin.  If you have any kidney issues you would want to stay away from this and aspirin.  As always, check with your health care provider. 

11.  Eat lots of veggies and avoid grains and sugar while sick and congested - they will only add to the gunk!  Add in some superfood smoothies with berries, ginger, greens, and lemon juice.  Avoid nuts and seeds if heavily congested.

12.  Brew some super turmericginger tea with a little powdered or dried sage.  Breath in the steam while it simmers.  Add a little raw honey and lemon. 

Be Well and Happy Holidays! 


Janet Verney